Planned investment

Homes Fit for 21st Century Living Standard

Atrium’s Board has given a lot of discussion to the investment strategy for Atrium Homes. The outcome of these discussions was the decision that moving forward, we should look to move away from a component replacement based approach to one that sought to enhance the overall quality of our stock.

Where feasible and practical, planned work will be advanced (or delayed) to create packages of work which along with improved finishes and external environmental work, will be aimed at improving not just the overall quality of our tenants' houses, but the perception of it. The concept is called the Homes Fit for 21st Century Living Standard (HFF21CLS).

We prepared detailed projections and we also consulted tenants in August 2018 on the HFF21CLS and what work would be delivered to their home. We provided indicative rent projections to help ensure tenants had as full a picture as we could provide. This was followed up with a detailed procurement exercise to identify a framework of contractors capable of delivering a large programme in a short space of time.

Works started in 2019 and originally we were aiming to deliver the entire programme by 2024. The works programme has been delayed by Covid etc, and we have amended it to reflect the updated delivery timescales we are aiming for.

The original programme can be found elsewhere on this page but the amended programme of work as at May 2024 can be downloaded by clicking on this link.