We believe that paying your rent in full and on time should be your first priority. If for any reason you are struggling to pay your rent on time, please contact our office immediately and arrange to speak to your Estates Officer. Don’t leave it too late – the earlier you tell us about it, the easier it can be to sort out the problem.

We are here to help you. We don’t want to see anyone lose their home as a result of rent arrears. If you do fall into rent arrears, your Estates Officer will give you appropriate advice and try to agree a realistic and affordable arrangement to help you pay what you owe in instalments over a reasonable period of time. You will be asked to pay at a level you can afford, taking account of your income and the amount you owe.

However, if you do not contact us or co-operate with our efforts to make an arrangement to pay off your rent arrears, we will take legal action to end your tenancy and recover your debt. You will also be liable for the legal expenses involved in taking action against you.

If we take legal action, you could be affected in several ways:

  • You could lose your home
  • You could have your wages arrested
  • You could get a poor credit rating, restricting your ability to obtain sources of credit or loans
  • Your chances of being rehoused could be affected

We will not pursue legal action if you make and keep to an arrangement for paying what you owe. So please contact us now if you are struggling to pay your rent. You can contact us at