Who we work with

Professional & Consultancy Support

Atrium uses a range of professional companies and consultants to support its operations. The principal relationships are detailed below.

Finance & Banking

  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Clydesdale Bank

External Audit

  • Wylie & BIsset LLP

Internal Audit


Legal Support

  • Harper MacLeod LLP


  • Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers


  • LugoIT


Atrium uses a number of different contractors to deliver services to its customers. Below is listed the main contractors we use for day to day services in and around our properties, alternatively download our full list of suppliers.

Reactive Repairs

  • Atrium Property Services

Void Property Repairs

  • Atrium Property Services

Homes Fit For 21 Century Living Standard Works

  • CCG Ltd

Landscape Contractor

  • John O'Conner Ltd

Electrical Testing

  • Awurk
  • Milligans

Gas Maintenance and Servicing

  • James Frew Ltd

New House building

  • McTaggart Construction