Right to repair

From 30 September 2002, under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, housing association tenants have the right to have small urgent repairs carried out by their landlord within a given timescale. This is called the Right to Repair scheme.

The scheme covers certain repairs up to the value of £350. These repairs are known as ‘qualifying repairs’.

A list of these is provided in a separate leaflet, which is available on request.

Our staff can tell you if your reported repair falls into this category.

We will let you know the maximum time the job should take, make access arrangements, tell you the last day the job should be done and give you details of another contractor.

Legislation entitles you to enlist the services of another contractor to carry out the repair, should the designated contractor fail to carry out repairs within the time limit set.

You must use a contractor who is on your landlord’s approved list.

The second contractor will advise your landlord that you have requested them to carry out the repair.

You have the right to £15 compensation for inconvenience.