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Sustainability Policy Review 2019

Atrium is about to review its Sustainability Policy. We’ve got a short survey (link below) for anyone to complete on the principles of the policy, it’ll only take 5 minutes to complete. Every survey returned will be entered into the policy prize draw with a chance of winning a £25 voucher.

Sustainability Policy Survey

Atrium Homes is reviewing its Sustainability policy in order to provide the necessary detail and levels of governance in relation to our impact on the environment from our operations.

The purpose of the policy is to provide a clear framework that enables operational delivery to be monitored/managed with any necessary improvements made. Therefore, the policy is derived to demonstrate continuous improvement and good governance/scrutiny of the Investment function through the appropriate Committee(s) can be achieved.

The changes made to the new Policy that affect our customers are minimal and this is reflective in the type of questions asked but reflective of the need to hear customers’ views.