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Vision, values and operational objectives

Our Vision

Quality affordable homes, sustainable communities, and life chances for people.

We will listen to understand your needs; we will work with you to sustain and grow your communities; and we will use our resources to create opportunities for positive change. Together we will build strong foundations for the future.

Our Values

  • Service: we aim to provide a quality customer service
  • Excellence: we strive for excellence and aim to improve
  • Accountability: we stand by our decisions and take ownership of our actions
  • Respect: we avoid blame and we respect each others input
  • Integrity: we are open, honest and fair and inspire trust
  • Commitment: we are committed to our role and take pride in what we do
  • Enjoyment: we want staff to enjoy their jobs and enjoy making a difference

Operational objectives

At an operational level, we manage the organisation to ensure we achieve a number of objectives:

  • Protect our longer-term financial viability, maximise income and use resources efficiently
  • Maximise opportunities for members, tenants and customers to engage with us
  • Develop and deliver services to tenants and other customers
  • Develop and deliver our longer-term maintenance and improvement programmes
  • Comply with the requirements of the statutory and regulatory framework relating to our status as registered social landlord, company and charitable body
  • Manage our development and regeneration activities efficiently and effectively