Vision, values and operational objectives

Our Vision

Quality affordable homes, sustainable communities, and life chances for people.


We will listen to understand our customers’ needs; work with them to sustain and grow their communities; and use our resources to create opportunities for positive change. Together we will build strong foundations for the future.


Service - provide a quality service to customers

Excellence - strive for excellence, innovation and improvement

Respect - respect diversity and others’ input

Integrity - be open, honest, fair and inspire trust

Accountability - stand by decisions and take ownership of your actions

Commitment - be committed to your role and proud of what we do

Enjoyment - enjoy your role, and making a difference

Strategic Focus

Our vision is that Atrium Homes is synonymous with quality affordable homes, sustainable communities and life chances for people. We will achieve this by focussing on four elements which are inter-connected:

  • Taking care of our Customers
  • Taking care of our Housing
  • Taking care of our Communities
  • Taking care of the Business

We recognise that failure to focus on any one of these four elements will inevitably have a detrimental impact on the whole vision. And, we recognise that these elements of our business will need to come together if we are to improve the overall customer experience.

We believe that the best way to go about this is to place a greater focus on the customer, and to strive for a “Customer First” mentality across the organisation. This requires individual staff members to take “ownership” of the services they provide, and to view those services from the perspective of the customer, making sure that a satisfactory outcome is achieved. And of course, with ownership comes individual responsibility and individual accountability.

Operational Objectives

At an operational level we manage the business from the perspective of:

  • Protect our longer-term financial viability, maximise income and use resources efficiently
  • Maximise opportunities for members, tenants and customers to engage with us
  • Develop and deliver services to tenants and other customers
  • Develop and deliver our longer-term maintenance and improvement programmes
  • Comply with the requirements of the statutory and regulatory framework relating to our status as registered social landlord, company and charitable body
  • Manage our development and regeneration activities efficiently and effectively