Repairs and maintenance

Our staff deal with a range of matters related to maintaining your property. These include:

  • reactive – receiving and processing day to day repair requests
  • cyclical – such as annual servicing of all gas appliances
  • planned – such as installing new kitchens, bathrooms and replacement windows

Reactive Repair Categories & Response Times

There are three repair categories with set response times. These are:

  • Emergency Repairs
    These are repairs which threaten you or the property’s safety. They can also relate to the loss of essential services. Examples of emergency repairs are burst pipes, gas leaks or loss of ALL heating. Our contractors will make these repairs safe within 3 hours.
  • Urgent Repairs
    These are repairs which substantially inconvenience you. They can also relate to loss of services. Examples of urgent repairs are loss of hot water, individual electrical faults or rain penetration. Our contractors will attend urgent repairs within 3 working days.
  • Routine Repairs
    These are general repairs or renewals which are not classed as emergency or urgent repairs. Examples of routine repairs are repairs to internal joinery or small leaks. Our contractors will complete these repairs within 5 working days.

Appointments & Arrangements

We employ both in-house staff and external contractors to deliver our repairs and maintenance service. We would not normally send an operative to your home unless you have requested a repair OR in the case of planned or cyclical works, you having received advance notification.

  • All our operatives carry identification. Please do not let anyone into your home without checking their identification first.
  • We will have given you an appointment for your repair to be carried out and passed your access details with your order, so please be at home at the time agreed.
  • If you are out when an operative calls for a routine repair, a card will be left for you to arrange a second visit. If you miss a second arranged appointment, your repair request will be cancelled and you may be charged for the wasted visits.

Right to Repair

From 30 September 2002, under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, housing association tenants have the right to have small urgent repairs carried out by their landlord within a given timescale. This is called the Right to Repair scheme.

  • The scheme covers certain repairs up to the value of £350. These repairs are known as ‘qualifying repairs’.
  • A list of these is provided in a separate leaflet, which is available on request.
  • Our staff can tell you if your reported repair falls into this category.
  • We will let you know the maximum time the job should take, make access arrangements, tell you the last day the job should be done and give you details of another contractor.

Legislation entitles you to enlist the services of another contractor to carry out the repair, should the designated contractor fail to carry out repairs within the time limit set.

  • You must use a contractor who is on your landlord’s approved list.
  • The second contractor will advise your landlord that you have requested them to carry out the repair.
  • You have the right to £15 compensation for inconvenience.

Gas Maintenance

On an annual basis, Atrium Homes carries out gas servicing to all our households with gas supply and fitted appliances (boilers, gas fires, etc).

  • We are required to do this by law to ensure your safety.
  • Our nominated contractor will write to you when the annual maintenance visit is due to make arrangements for access.
  • Please allow them access to do the necessary work: it is being done for your safety.

We take our responsibility to carry out the annual gas servicing very seriously. If necessary we will force entry to allow this work to be carried out, recharging all costs to the tenant.