Owning your home and right to buy

Right to Buy: The Right to Buy has been removed in Scotland following legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament.

 Owners’ Obligations
Almost 1,300 individual owners live within the estates where Atrium Homes owns properties.

  • All these individuals have obligations and responsibilities in relation to the overall estate, including contributing towards the cost of maintaining open areas of hard and soft landscaping which have not been adopted by the local authority.
  • Atrium Initiatives, the wholly owned subsidiary of Atrium Homes, is the registered Property Factor in every estate where Atrium Homes owns houses. It delivers this service under the brand name of Choice Places.
  • Choice Places organises contracts, monitors contractor performance, pays the bills and recharges the costs to owners. For more information, please visit www.choice-places.co.uk

Owners’ Payments
If you are an owner and wish to pay a bill for common charges, click here.